Early Years

In 1925, after a disagreement during a post-match team meeting of Altay Spor Kulübü, a group from the team including Nebil and Vedat brothers, Muzaffer Koral, Ferit Simsaroğlu, Necati Bey and Nusret Bey decided to part ways and establish a new sports club. On June 14th, 1925, in a gathering at seaside Mez Club senior players and a group of young footballers from Göztepe neighbourhood founded Göztepe football team. In the first club congress Mayor Kazım Dirik was elected as the Honorary President of Göztepe. Admnistrative committee of the club was listed as President Fehmi Simsaroğlu, Vice President Turan Dirik, Captain General Ahmet Özgirgin, Aziz Bey the Engineer, Mustafa Bey, Murtaza Bey, Şerif Bey the Teacher, Alaattin Bey and Adil Burgaz. The very first address of the club was Mithatpaşa Avenue, 1091.


Orhan Salepçioğlu who is the first goalkeeper and 12th member of our club, narrates those days as follows;

“We established the club in a room of Mez Club next to the ferry port. A few years later we moved into building No.1091 in Güzelyalı neighbourhood which was our camp for years in order to become closer with young people and grow our fan base.”


Göztepe played its first official match on August 28th, 1925, against Altay and won 1-0. The squad list of the match was Hamit, Orhan, Nebil, Ferit, Fehmi, Nusret, Kenan, Talat, Naci, Abbas Muzaffer, Necati and Fahri.


On March 3rd, 1942, the construction of Göztepe Stadium was begun. Seven years later on September, 1949, Göztepe Field was opened for use.


Following Years

Due to the lack of a national competition in the early years of our club Göztepe participated into Aegean Regional League. In 1937, following the order of Mayor Fazlı Güleç our team united with two other clubs İzmirspor and Egespor and constituted Doğanspor which have won the Aegean Regional League two years in a row right after the establishment. On September 12th, 1940, with an act of club congress Doğanspor decided to go back to the old name and compete as Göztepe.


From 1941 to 1944 Göztepe stayed as the defending champions of İzmir Regional League for three consecutive seasons. Finally, in 1949-1950 season Göztepe became the Turkish National League champions and received the club’s first national trophy.


In 1959, after defeating Altınordu 1-0 with the goal by Kirlo Yılmaz Göztepe qualified as one of the 16 teams to compete in Professional First League of Turkey. Güler Aksel has become the first professional player in club’s history.


Abbas Çamayar who played for Göztepe for many years and also trained the team later on, has built the foundation of Legendary Göztepe team through his meticulous scouting work. Çamayar discovered many players from the Legendary Göztepe squad such as Gürsel Aksel, Ali Artuner, Nevzat Güzelırmak, Nihat Yayöz, Ertan Öznur, Halil Kiraz, Cenap Öztezer and brought them in the club.


Adnan Süvari who became the head coach in 1961 led the team to a glorious run during 60’s. Under his management the Legendary Göztepe team had a brilliant decade, succeeding many firsts for the club.

European Inter-Cities Fairs Cup:

  • 1967-1968 Season Quarter Finals
  • 1968-1969 Season Semi Finals
  • 1969-1970 Season Quarter Finals

Turkish Cup:

  • 1967-1968 Season Turkish Cup Final
  • 1968-1969 Season Turkish Cup Champions
  • 1969-1970 Season Turkish Cup Champions

Presidential Cup:

  • 1968-1969 Season Presidential Cup Final
  • 1969-1970 Season Presidential Cup Champions

Federation Cup:

  • 1962-63 Federation Cup Champions


Recent History

After relegating in 1977 Göztepe found itself in an era with many ups and downs. Following a break of almost two decades from the top tier football Göztepe promoted back to the top division of Turkish football in 1997 during the presidency of Dinç Bilgin but a bigger downfall was on the way. In 2006-2007 season Göztepe relegated to the amateur division which makes it the first farewell to professional leagues in the club’s history.


Beginning from 2007, under Altınbaş administration Göztepe got into an uptrend once again. Current president Mehmet Sepil kept up the momentum after his takeover in 2013-2014 season and Göztepe managed to complete Turkish First Division as the play-off champions to promote back to Turkish Super League in 2016-2017.